The  Trinity Pedicure - $40

Enjoy soaking your feet in warm bubbling water. Experience the relaxation of the chair massage while your nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticles groomed. Enjoy breathing in the benefits of aromatic oils while the legs and feet are massaged, restoring circulation and overall better health.

End  this  experience with  polish of your choice.  Shellac polish is an up-charge 

The Feet Retreat - $50

Enjoy soaking your feet in warm bubbling water. Experience the relaxation of the chair massage while your nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticles groomed. Enjoy breathing in the benefits of aromatic oils while the legs and feet are massaged, restoring circulation and overall better health.  Enjoy an exfoliation scrub, hot towels and a Nourishing Mask.

The Deluxe Pedicure - $55

Enjoy soaking your feet in warm bubbling water. Experience the relaxation of the chair massage while your nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticles groomed. Enjoy breathing in the benefits of aromatic oils while the legs and feet are massaged, restoring circulation and overall better health.  Enjoy an exfoliation scrub, hot towels, a paraffin   treatment and a Nourishing Mask.

The Express Pedicure - $35

For the Person on the Go, enjoy a soak, nail grooming and a polish change


The Shellac Manicure - $35

Cured with a LED  light, gel polish is 100% dry when you walk out the door and can last up to 2  weeks without chipping or peeling. You can  root around in your purse or whatever you like, without fear of a single ding or dent.

Gel French Manicure - $35

The Trinity Manicure - $25

Our Classic Manicure takes your care to the next level. We will soothe your ragged hangnails and cuticles, with a moisturizing massage to follow, and then… polish! 

Polish Change - $10

Change your mood.Change your polish. A color change to match your mood or your wardrobe.

Paraffin Treatment - $13 (for manicures or hair service)

Our Paraffin Treatment is a deep conditioner for your skin.  Moisturizer is gently massaged into your hands., which are then dipped into therapeutic paraffin. While you rest in our toasty electric mittens or warm towels, indulge yourself in a few minutes of blissful quietude.

Nail Dipping

You will receive    full manicure to shape and prepare the nails for the dipping powder. Dipping powder gives you the strength  and appearance  of acrylic nails with the add benefit   of vitamins and protein  to protect the natural nail

Dipping powder on Natural Nails - $45

Dipping Powder  w/artificial tip   

 and regular polish -$55

"if you would like to have shellac,

instead of regular polish there will be an up charge" -$10

removal, without a retouch - $10

Hair Care‎, Cuts, Color & Shampoo

Shampoo & Haircut -  $27

Shampoo, haircut,  & blowout -  $39

Dry Cut  - $25

Child Cut - $15

Male Cut - $14

Male Haircut with Shampoo - $16

Color Design Services

All new color clients must first receive   a complimentary consultation, the prices will be discussed in greater detail at that time

Color Retouch  - $49

Full Color Application - $57 & up

Double Process Blondes - $65

Toner - $20

Partial Foil Highlight   - $65

Full Foil Highlight - $80

Partial Balayage - $75

Full  Balayage - $100 & up

Face Frame - $45

Corrective Color - $100 per hour

Color Change - $35  (added to required service)

Cap Frosting - $50

Re-texturing  Services

Body Wave for Long Hair - $80

(includes haircut and blowout)

Body Wave for Short Hair - $70

(includes haircut and blowout)

Keratin Complex Blowout - $150

(if done with color service -$75)

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment - $250 & up

Hair Designing & Styling 

Shampoo & Blow-dry  - $25

Thermal  Styles - $12

Up STyling & Events Styling - $75

Detailed Braid - $45

Simple Braid - $30


Extensions must be purchased from Trinity   Day Spa and  priced upon consultation 

Application - $100

Extension Removal - $25

Conditioning Services 

olaplex -$15

smart bond -$15

Up Styling-$70

Simple Braid-$30

Detailed Braid-$45

Back Bar Specials‎

Pick any 3 for $40 (excluding olaplex and smartbond)

Eye Brow Wax

Lip and Eye Brow Wax-$13 each

eye brow tinting $15

eye lash tinting $17

paraffin treatment for hands $15


Body Work‎

Swedish Massage

$40 - 30 Minutes

$65 - 60 Minutes

Relax with this technique, which uses long, flowing strokes to sooth muscles to improve flexibility and circulation.

Therapeutic Massage

Medium to firm pressure is applied to focus on problem areas, and relieve chronic tension and pain.

$45 - 30 mins

$75 - 60 mins

$110 - 90 mins


this is a Japanese  technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing.


60mins - $50  

60 min combo (reiki and therapeutic) -  $90

Vedic Thai Body Work

assisted Yoga Stretching gives the benefits of massage, yoga and energy work in a nurturing dance. It is an ancient healing art practiced in Thailand. It requires the guests to wear stretchy clothing and is performed on a traditional Thai mat.

1 Hour - $75

1.5 Hours - $95

Trinity’s body wraps

This treatment is designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Body wraps stimulate the metabolism, along with softening and tightening the skin. We start the relaxing body wrap by exfoliating the skin with a customized sugar or salt scrub. This scrub would include seasonal blends of aromatherapy. The exfoliation would be followed by a penetrating mask of your choice and a light massage.

Dead sea mud mask-$70

This mineral rich mask nourishes the skin while detoxifying the body. It helps to ease muscle tension and rheumatic   pain. Dead sea mud helps to maintain the skins natural moisture level while providing a feeling of calmness and serenity. Dead sea mud contains potassium, magnesium,sodium,bromine,calcium and minerals

Sedona mask-$70

This mask is a detoxifying and revitalizing skin care treatment. It is very uplifting experience. Sedona clay is one of the most anti-aging treatments offered. It improves circulation while maintaining hydration in the body. Sedona clay also minimizes the appearance of cellulite. This mask contains magnesium, vitamins A,B,B12,Iron and other amino acids

Skin Care‎

Facials services provide a great many benefits. The facial

massage itself can help rejuvenate the skin by increasing the blood supply to the face. This increased blood supply also oxygenates the newly stimulated areas increasing collagen production and cell turnover. Facial massage helps to relieve tension while also strengthening and firming the muscles in the face. Trinity has a few skin care treatments to choose from. We use a variety of skincare products that have been selected for their superior quality and versatility.

Rest, Relax, and Restore Facial-$72

Begin with a customized cleanse, exfoliation, and skin analysis then extractions using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Relax while you receive a massage of the face, neck, chest, upper arms and shoulders. followed by a tailored mask, eye and lip treatment, and scalp massage. 1 hour

Add Dermaplane-$12

Add Glycolic Fruit Pee-$12

Botanical cocktail skincare treatment-$60

Empower your skin to look healthier and younger for longer with our Botanical cocktail bareMineral facial. This skincare line has mineral rich sea salts containing magnesium, potassium and calcium. These ingredients restore equilibrium to the body,mind and soul. It also helps to redefine and purify the skin. As well as, protect against environmental stressors and encourage cell renewal. This skinsorial treatment also uses many other anti - aging ingredients such as rosemary, elderflower, papaya, bamboo and many other soothing botanical. 1 hour

PCA Skin Peels-$140

Peels can help improve the apearance of many conditions including acne, hyperpigmentation, foliculitis, seborrhea, sun damage, dehydration, asphyxiated skin, impaired barrier fuction, rosacea, premature aging.

Dermaplane -$45

This treatment exfoliates the skin while removing dead cells and unwanted "peach fuzz" and allows better product penetration and make-up application. Softens surface irregularities and tightens pores, giving the skin a smoother surface.


This Family Owned and operated Company makes all their   products  with pride here in the USA,  the Skincare Products are formulated    with the finest sustainable   harvested seaweed and the most effective ingredients our planet has to offer.

Since 1980 Repechage has been thier way for providing you and your family the most beautiful , radiant skin, Naturally.

Biolights facial: This is known as Repechages miracle facial. The glyco-sea peel is based on multi dimensional approach to skin brightening and even toning. The treatment is a natural and effective method for anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation and post acne scars. $90

Oxy Trio Facial: The PCA signature facial helps promote healing and rejuvenates sluggish stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage. Draws oxygen to surface of skin, resulting in radiant healthy looking skin. Great for between PCA peels. $132

Hydra 4: This facial is designed and formulated to help calm the appearance of sensitive skin. Combined with a blend of vitamins, minerals, brace elements, amino acids and anti-oxidant seaweed. Creates ideal environment to calm rosacea or chronically sensitized skin. $75

European Facial: Perfect for combination or dehydrated skin. Formulated with St. Johns wart, a botanical known for its gentle soothing properties, cleans, tones and moisturizes. It helps to hydrate and purify skin, while aiding in strengthening and toning of facial muscles. $72

Pca Pumpkin facial : This treatment addresses thick, resilient acne prone skin or hyperkeratolytic. Combines and exfoliating pumpkin enzyme with salicylic acid with a host of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients. Leaving you with a very healthy complexion. $90

Express skincare treatment: for our guest on the go that wants to maintain there healthy glow. This treatment includes a cleansing an application of our c-serum (muti-vitamin for the skin) followed by the repechage seaweed mask. This treatment is very soothing and hydrating to the skin while also improving skin tone. $60

Derma-plane- this is also an express treatment that includes a cleansing and exfoliating using a small razor. This technique removes deadskin cells and promotes cellular turn over. It also removes unwanted “ peach fuzz”. Leaving the face soft, smooth, and revitalized. $45   or add to any service for $12


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